does it hurt your clutch to do wheelies? i just pop it (dirtbike) can a dirtbike clutch go out? and how do i do wheelies when my feet are on the pegs, or when im going? please go to “another xr75 ?” i need some more info.


no, im pretty sure you cant hurt a clutch if your just poppin, i dont know much about clutchs though


yes you can hurt the clutch. but if you HAVE to do such things, the bike is probably the cheapest thing to repair.

but since this bike is pretty tough, id be willing to bet its been popped before.


My daughter has a xr75 it’s spent most of it.s life with the front wheel in the air. never changed a clutch.Alot of band-aids but never a clutch


Yes, a dirtbike clutch can go out, however these bikes are designed for this type of use. You’re not even abusing it.