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Please help!

i know its a bike question but…

when i put my 1994 rm125 into gear, it goes without me letting out the clutch. not under full power, but a little. the adjustment is fine, count that out. i was told by the guy i bought it from that it needed plates, i can change that, but then i was told by a guy at it was the basket. can you guys help me out please? i need to know which one it is, that way i dont have to go order a new part after ive already tore into it. and, i really dont want to spend all the extra money if i dont have to

the clutch basket gets ,whats called knife edges on the mating surfaces,and will cause this issue,thers a company that makes inserts for this condition.#2 the clutch pressure plate springs weaken also,but what you said is a binding issue between the plates and the basket,which does not allow full release.go to,and do a will need both the basket and the plates,but the softer inserts will allow better realease.and maint in the future.just a side note never use synthetic oil in a wet clutch system.on a bike of that ERA.

so, im going to have to replace the clutch plates and the basket? what inserts are you talking about?

go to then you can read and feed you head with some info, I have run these clutches forever on my cr500,kdx 250,and many others. thats my first replacement piece. just hate hanging clutches,you can also remove plates and lightly file rough spots then replace plates. rule 1 on new plates is to gently file all burrs off of teeth. this will work for awhile ,but not permanent

good luck

cr500?!?! wow! i bet that thing would haul!