Clutch replacment(repair) for 1987 Volvo DL

I have a 1987 Volvo DL 240 w/almost 320,000 miles on it. When I push in the clutch it makes a low rumbling nosie that I’m guessing means the clutch after Years of good work is going.

Is this really expensive or a $400-$500 job?? Other than that works fine. Please advise. Thanks Tim ( Car talk is so fun, thanks guys)

If you’ve got the car this far, putting a new clutch in is worthwhile. I would shop around to find an independent shop that knows how to fix Volvos. In my town there is a guy who calls himself Mr. Volvo. He specializes in imports like Volvos, Mercedes, Volkswagens.

Your $400-$500 is probably tops.

Good luck.