Worth the repairs?

This is probably a common question but…I have a 1993 Subaru Impreza with 155000 miles on it. I just got a new clutch about 5,000 miles ago, but then I moved and now I have a new mechanic who says I need a new clutch again. I do trust the new guy, in fact more than the old guy who put the clutch in. The labor and parts on that would cost 1200. Then I also need a new timing belt and an oil leak repaired for about 1000. I am gonna try to get the new clutch on a warranty deal, but if I can’t I am wondering if the repair is worth it. How long would 2200 for a new clutch and timing belt last me? And could there possibly be an underlying problem that has ruined two clutches in a short period of time? I really need a car and don’t think I can buy anything decent for less than 2200, but I am scared that it will need more repairs in just a little bit and I will end up throwing money down a black hole. Advice?

Just curious, do you drive with your foot resting on the clutch?

Perhaps the clutch just needs adjusting.

Considering what you say the repairs would cost, the resale price is in the same neighborhood.

If the vehicle is still in decent condition and you still like it, I say fix it.