Clutch replacement

I need to replace the clutch in my 1997 RAV4 (front wheel drive). My mechanic could give me a quote. He said he’ll get back to me in couple days. So my question: how much will it cost me?

Here is a WAG: Parts: which include the clutch plate, pressure plate and throw out bearing (all three of which you will want to change) 200 then the labor 300-400. Then if the flywheel needs turning (because it’s scored) that’ll be another 50-100 bucks or so. If he doesn’t find anything else wrong, you’ll probably be out the door for 600-700. That is my wild axx guess only. I usually guess lower than what they actually charge, only because most shops find a way to bump up the price.

That will vary by region. Much of the cost will be labor, and rates vary. I changed my clutch a few years back on my '89 Toyota pickup and the kit (clutchplate, pressure plate assy, and release bearing…plus a pilot shaft) cost $112 (after 20% discount). But even on that vehicle, a simple 4-banger RWD pickup, it was plenty of labor.

Do you advise changing the bushing in the end of the crankshaft?

Seems like unnecsssary work.

I have seen transmissions that were difficult to remove (the main shaft being stuck to this bushing) these got changed.

I installed engines that were intended to be used with a manual trans and instead of the manual trans we used automatics, so I always had to remove these bushings, I used a tap (found the right size and kept hold of it). Some people have told me you can cause the bushing to back out if you pack the center with grease and get and pound a close fitting shaft into the hole,the grease causing the bushing to back out.

I’d change it if it was worn. If not, I’d let it me. They make a puller you can rent if you’re doing the job yourself. Probably rent for free at autozone.

I never have changed it, but for that question I’ll defer to those of you who do this for a living. I guess I don’t see any purpose for packing the hole. I can see where it would act like hydraulic fluid if you did as you described.

Look on the Internet to get an idea of what the parts will cost. $200 seems awfully low. Last time I had the clutch changed on my Pathy…the CHEAPEST parts I could find were about $800. I don’t do clutches any more…Not enough time and don’t have the proper equipment or lift. Labor was about $600.

Some companies also require the flywheel to be resurfaced for warranty. If it’s NOT resurfaced then NO WARRANTY. This shouldn’t be as involved as my Pathfinder was so labor should be less. I also don’t think the clutch assembly parts is as expensive so I’d guess total cost should be under $1000, but close to it.

$600 for parts? Ouch!

I googled ‘rav4 clutch’ and came up with a Sachs disc, pressure plate, and throwout bearing for about $200. Your mechanic will likely charge more, but shouldn’t be over $300. As for labor, that FWD, so it’s a fair amount of work-I don’t have a guess.