Clutch replacement

O.K. i just posted this question but i didn’t see it posted. i have a 92’ cavalier and the throwout bearing is going out, so i’m getting a clutch kit. i’m going to replace it myself and wanted to know if the engine has to pulled to replace the clutch? i had a 90’ honda accord and the pressure plate kinda chewed itself apart but anyways, the manual said that the engine had to be pulled to replace the clutch but i was able to pull the tranny without moving the engine at all. will i be this lucky with my cavalier?

It should be the same process as the Honda. If the manual is a Chiltons don’t put much faith into anything they say since they’re frequently wrong.

The manual is wrong. In fact you can not remove the engine w/o removing the trans in a manual trans cavalier of that vintage. The trans can be removed for clutch replacement. This does require complete removal of the left suspension (strut, spindle, sub frame, etc.). You also need an engine support fixture as the rear engine mounts are the transaxle mounts. Once these mounts are removed the engine will drop without the support fixture. Other then that very similar to a Honda.