Clutch problem!


the clutch on my 93 escort will not engage unless I tap the clutch pedal 3-4 times, not pump, tap,(approx 14 way to floor) I tried to bleed but no help. I had my wife tap pedal while I watched the slave cylinder, when she pushed and held clutch pedal in , the cylinder moved but immediately went back in. Does that sound like I need a new cylinder? (no leaks observed) I don’t know to much about cars so any help would be appreciated.


[b]The master cylinder isn’t keeping the hydraulic pressure constant. So the slave cylinder slowly releases if it isn’t leaking.

You need a new clutch master cylinder. And while you’re at it, also replace the slave cylinder too. This way you restore the hydraulic part of the clutch system.

This is a lot cheaper than replacing the clutch assembly. Which will eventually happen if the hydraulics don’t work.