1993 Ford Escort Clutch Issue

I have my suspicion about what is the culprit, and well, the likelihood of it contuing to work.

Occasionally when I am at a stop and try to shift into gear with the clutch depressed to the floor, it does not want to go into gear. So far, I have been able to wiggle the shifter around, try a few different gears then go back to first and it works. Also at a stoplight today, with the clutch depressed to the floor for a few minutes with the car in 1st, after about 3-5 minutes the car started to slowly creep forward.

What are your suspects on this one?

If you’re not losing brake fluid from the clutch slave cylinder, then I would have to believe the clutch master cylinder is failing.

The clutch slave is squeaking, but I am not noticing leakage inside the cabin of the car. Haven’t been able to look under the hood yet. Both of these were my suspects.

It doesn’t have to be an external leak for it not to work.

I’m pretty certain it’s the master cylinder.
Flush the clutch and brake fluid every 3 years and this kind of problem is less likely to happen.

The clutch isn’t completely disengaging. The master, slave cylinder, or both could be going bad. You wouldn’t see anything leaking inside the car. The leak would be inside the clutch housing and there might not be any fluid under the car, there might not be any leak at all.

Check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder container. A simple flush out of the old fluid and replacing it with new might help. But I suspect parts are failing and you’ll need a new slave or master cylinder for your clutch. For a '93 this kind of clutch repair isn’t surprising.

Thank you all for your posts. This is what I suspected was the issue.

I would change both slave and master. If one is out the other isn’t far behind.

I’d agree with circuitsmith about just replacing them both - its a '93 for gosh sakes. Almost 20 years is plenty to ask out of these things.

I am just going to replace the car, and let the purchaser know what this one needs (both - but brakes still seem fine). It’s still a car worth fixing, if you have the tools and time, but I honestly don’t have either.

I would suspect it being a bad slave cylinder since the brake master cylinder/clutch master cylinder are all in the same unit.