Kia spectra new slave cylinder no pressure now

changed the slave as a start hoping that’s what’s causing my gf’s clutch to mess up everytime it warms up. We bleed it and it was working great but spongy. We tried to rebleed with no tools just the edal pump method and now have absolutely zero pressure unless u Manually push in slave cylinder but then nothing again once u pen the bleeder. We tried a vacuum bkeeder too now but that’s all we can get our hands on. Is slave in the master? If so how do we get it out.

When the bleeder is open and clutch pedal hits the floor, hold the pedal to the floor and then close the bleeder.

Pump the clutch pedal and then hold the pedal to the floor again. Open the bleeder and let any air escape. With pedal to the floor close the bleeder.

Repeat this until the clutch pedal is firm with the bleeder closed.

But I’ll be honest. Some hydraulic clutch systems can be a bear to bleed without a pressure bleeder.


It is typical to replace the master cylinder and slave cylinder together. A bad master cylinder could be the problem. You could also check with your local parts store to see if they have a rent-a-tool and a vacuum bleeder. But my money’s on a bad master.

“Is slave in the master? If so how do we get it out.”

I don’t understand this part of your question.
you state that you replaced the slave and have been trying to bleed it.

Are you sure that the level of fluid for the Clutch master is kept full during the bleed.?
The resivoir for the master should either be part to the Clutch master cylinder, or attached to it by a hose.

You do know that the Clutch master is not the same as the BRake Master???
Sorry, I just had to ask.
other than that @Tester; gave perfect directions on bleeding.