Clutch pedal

i have a 1995 6cyl convertible and the clutch pedal is very hard to push down i keep striping out the clutch pedal quadrant. i’v replaced the clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and cable. and still nothing

I believe that there was a bulletin from Studebaker on this issue. Surely that must be a 1960 Lark you speak of. Check for the TSB.

soory that would be a 1995 mustang

hell i guessed a Ferrari,

guess not.

1995 Mustang still had a clutch cable? Most other makers went with hydraulic units. With this much work, the only thing left is the pedal cluster. Remove the cable, and see if the pedal itself is sticking. Otherwise, it could also be a pinched cable guide.

cantshift, I had this problem on one of my cars and it turned out to be a rusted area of the bulkhead where the clutch cable was routed through the firewall. The rust caused the bulkhead to weaken and it bent slightly causing the cable to bind as it was drawn through the skewed bulkhead. After straightening it out and adding a stiffener plate, it worked like new.

It couldn’t be a 1960 Studebaker Lark convertible, because the OP stated that the car had a 6 cylinder engine. I believe that the 1960 Studebaker Lark convertible could only be purchased with the V-8.

promblem solved… i replaced the stock cable with an adjustable cable and a firewall adjuster along with an aluminum quadrant. now the clutch pedal presses with ease. i think the promblem was through the firewall. thanks for all the reply’s