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Clutch going out or something else?

I have a 2008 Hyundai accent with around 127000 miles on it, I recently purchased it from my fathers friend who is the only previous owner. I was on my way home when I was trying to slow down to turn off the street i pushed the clutch in and it makes a small noise and It suddenly wouldn’t go into gear and was stuck in neutral. I manage to still make my turn but pulled onto the side of the road and turned off my car to restart it to see if that helps anything, well my car lights would light up but no cranking, no noise, nothing. My dad gets it to roll started and drives it home fine, a few days later of thinking it was my starter (now when you tried to turn the key it was clicking like my starter was out) we jump it and it turns on fine, but now my clutch is super spongy and I can completely release my clutch with barely any acceleration, and its slipping now too. I’m in total loss of words on this because it makes no sense that my clutch going out can cause my car not to start, and how there were no other signs that it was wearing out at all.

Try this test on a empty parking lot or empty street. The car has to be stationary(not moving) when you do this test. Start the engine and put the car in first gear,let go the clutch. If the engine stall right away,the clutch is good. If it doesn’t,the clutch is bad.Try this test in 2nd,3rd and 4th gear. Report back

Well it sounds like you need a new battery and if you are in the US most Auto Zone places will check it for you. It also sounds like you need a clutch.

Sorry, but buying a vehicle from friends , relatives or coworkers is never a good move.

Buying any used vehicle without a pre-purchase inspection is never a good move.

It low revs but stays on im so screwed,

Maybe what happebed was that he was a slow granpda driver and with him always driving slow af it made the car use to it, he never stalled or nothing and then suddenly and inexperienced Manuel driving gets in and stalls it alot more than its used too and drives a lot faster and farther than its used too aswell. We didnt pay alot for it and me and my dad drove it around before buying it and i got a history report before buying it. And the battery is under a year old

Not that

Yes that

A new clutch is not that expensive on those.

It also sounds like you clutch safety switch might also be having issues. Namely how it didnt start and you thought the starter was going out. Just went through that on my car.