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Clutch on my 1992 Honda Civic VX doesn't always pop up when I take my foot off

Hi, I own a manual 1992 Honda Civic VX. Recently, the clutch has started to stick about halfway up when I take my foot off after shifting sometimes. I pull it up with my foot when it does this, but clearly it shouldn’t be happening. Does anybody know what could be causing this?

This one should have hydraulic brakes. Could be a combination of sticking clutch master, and a broken return spring.

Check up underneath the dash, and see if the return spring is should assist the pedal returning to top.

Does it work OK other than that?

Yes, everything is in great shape other than the sticky (well, halfway-up sticky) pedal.

You have a hydraulic clutch. Make sure the master cylinder has fluid. So either out of fluid, air in the line, or failing master/slave cylinder.