1992 honda accord --won't start when clutch is depressed and ignition key turned

it will start if i pop the clutch but the starter doesn’t engage when i turn the key. is there a sensor on the clutch pedal?

i’d try getting a new starter.

It is quite possible that ther is a sensor on the clutch, I know that it may seem ridiculous comparing a quad to a car but on my quad if you pull the cluch in all the way before you push the start button it wont turn over or anyhtin but if you let the clutch out about 1/4 of an inch it starts just fine, thats because ther is a switch on the clutch that wont let the engine start without the clucth pulled in and the switch is wearing out on my quad. Maybe try letting your clutch out a bit and see if it will start its a shot in the dark but its worth a try anyhow.

That sounds like the safety switch needs to be adjusted.

Let me add – That is the safety switch on the clutch.

can i test the switch? how would i know if the switch is bad?

You may also have a defective ignition switch, a very common problem. The electrical part may be bad, not the key and tumbler.

Be SURE to check Fuse No. 9 first; it supplies power to the clutch interlock switch, which in turn triggers the starter relay.

You should have power to, and through, the clutch interlock switch when the key is turned to the START position.
If you do not have power provided to the clutch interlock switch then you have a faulty ignition switch OR, a blown no. 9 fuse.

I’ve tried to simplify this and hope some of it helps.

thanks a lot!