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91 Ranger won't start with clutch depressed when warm

Hi all,

I’m looking to buy a 91 Ranger that is fine for the most part but it will not start when it is warm. Seems to be an issue with the clutch because it also shifts hard when warm. These models actually have to have the clutch depressed when starting so I think it is related to that. Anybody familiar with this problem and how much I can expect to be charged for the repair?

I did some research and found that it may be the Clutch Interlock switch, but I’m not sure, I don’t want it to be something more serious!!! I’m pretty good fixing computers, not cars!!! Argh.



Do you know if it’s a hydraulic clutch? Maybe some air in the system that keeps the clutch from fully releasing?

I believe it is hydraulic, not sure. Still does not seem like it is an expensive repair!!! I think I’m going to make the offer. Thank you

before you BUY it, why not take it for a test drive, and drive it to a transmission shop and have them check it out?? you can tell the owner, what you are doing. if they balk, then walk.

Yep, it’s an hydraulic & if the slave cylinder is leaking the transmission will have to come out.
Might as well replace the clutch while you are in there.

But, take a look under the dash where the clutch rod attaches to the clutch master cylinder. If you are lucky it will be wet, and all you need to replace is the master.

BTW, these are great/run forever trucks.

I’ve got 240,000 miles on my 87 & it’s still running strong.

One of the very few things that i’ve had to fix on it was to replace the leaking clutch slave cylinder at 180,000 miles.

Isnt the clutch interlock switch related to the clutch pedal position?How are leaking hydraulic parts or air in system keeping the switch from working.It seems if you can fully depress the pedal the switch should work Maybe I’m not reading this right.I had a 88 ranger with the hydraulic clutch,the slave always leaked,but it always cranked,shift was normal,just keep the resivoir filled.Now I am not suggesting you just let it leak like I did but it really wasnt a problem,I sold it the next guy fixed it

Yeah, good point, he did ask about a no crank problem.

Like oldschool sez theres a switch on the clutch arm that connects the ignition switch to the starter relay.

Might need adjusting or replacing, or if the silly thing ever gives me a problem on my 87 I’ll just wire around it.