2003 Ford Focus SVT

I am having clutch issues with my SVT Focus. The pedal is very soft and spongy. I haven’t found any leaks at the resevoir or along the lines. I was just hoping that someone could perhaps point me in the right direction, I’m thinking that perhaps it’s the master cylinder?? I’m not entirely sure though, if there is someone that has any other ideas. PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

The clutch master cylinder might be leaking internally. That is, the cup seals inside the master cylinder are allowing the hydraulic fluid to by-pass them where hydraulic pressure is no longer being developed. Which causes a soft clutch pedal.


Awesome, I appreciate you taking time to answer this question. This is what I had been thinking. My plan was to go ahead and replace that master cylinder and go from there. That being said, I’ve started to get it all apart and I’ve moved the fusebox over in the engine compartment, but I can’t seem to actually locate the secure clips that hold the fluid lines in place. Am I missing something or is this more difficult than I thought?

One thing I’d make sure of was to ensure that the fluid line or reservoir was clamped to prevent a major spill. It’s not very much fun to clean up…

Yeah, I’ve actually removed some of the fluid using a syringe just to make sure that I can at least minimize any mess. The thing that I’m having a hard time figuring out though, there is supposed to be a securing clip on each line but I’m not able to see or even feel the clips. In order to even remove those lines from the engine compartment side of the fire wall, I need to undo those clips. Is there a secret or am I just being outsmarted by the car??