HELP - Brake master cylinder won't come out!

2001 Ford Taurus sedan. Replacing the brake master cylinder on my son’s car. Easily removed elec connector, hydraulic lines and both bolts holding it on. Couldn’t take it off. Took vise grips to the front of the master cyl and can “wiggle” it pretty easily and can see the body of it (against the booster) move a bit but can get it off at all. I’m concerned that more brute force could damage the booster! Does anyone have ideas ? The shop manual doesn’t give any special instructions.

Was the master cylinder held on by bolts or was it mounted on studs with nuts? If the latter, possibly one of the studs is slightly off center and holding the master cylinder on. It should pull off easily.

Is there any linkage rod that has to be undone at the brake pedal? I cant think of one but maybe this one is a funky design?

Was able to finally get it off by spraying PB Blaster on the back and continually wiggling the vise grips attached to the front in all directions. Much easier to put it on ! Thanks.