Clutch issue on a 1994 Ford Escort w/103K miles



When i press my clutch in, there is a clicking noise. I looked down and noticed that a small metal bolt/rod (about an inch long) on the pedal assembly is making the noise as it goes in and out of a metal hole. The car switches gears w/no problem except for this clicking issue. Sorry, but i really don’t know much about cars. And, besides, we just had our first baby and i don’t want to pay for any unnecessary repairs–or at least not pay more than i have to in order to fix the problem!


This could be a factory defect that just hasn’t bothered anyone else but you, or it could be that the master cylinder for the clutch is coming loose. Open the hood and locate the brake master cylinder. Just outboard of it, on the same level, is a much smaller version of the same thing, but only one line coming out of it. See if it is bolted down correctly.

If it is good and tight, you may be able to loosen the mounting bolts/nuts and move it slightly so that the rod is centered in the hole in the firewall, then tighten it down again.