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Clutch is wearing out (Automatic) Accord '04

Honda Accord 2004 EX V6 150,000 Miles. The car is paid off, I’m the original owner and it has no problems, apart from it seems like the clutch is begining to wear down. Some times in drive when I step on the gas it spins up just a little and jerks foward. Is is worth getting the clutch repaired? How much do clutch repairs really cost. I hate getting raped at HONDA, and at the same time can 't seem to find a mechanic I can trust. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated. I live in Bremerton WA.

Your automatic transmission has many clutches inside it, and they are beginning to slip. It’s nothing like a manual transmission; it’s much more complicated. At this point, you are probably looking at a new or rebuilt transmission, which can be very expensive in a Honda. If you bite the bullet and fix the car, in the future, draining and refilling the transmission every 30k miles or so will help prevent this from happening again. You will probably be looking at $3-4k, and while you’re at it, if you have not replaced your timing belt, tensioner, and water pump, you should consider that. It’s long overdue if it hasn’t been done yet, and if your timing belt fails, it will take out the rest of the engine. Water pump is recommended because it is driven by the timing belt and it’s failure will take out the timing belt and, therefore, the engine if it fails. Timing belt, water pump, and tensioner usually runs $600-1000 depending on where you get it done and is considered routine maintenance on this car.

Find a independents (Honda specialized better) and get quotes.

Fix it unless you like car payments.

Clutch repairs are typically driven by the hourly labor rate not so much the parts.

I am assuming you have a manual transmission Accord right?

It could just be that the automatic transmission fluid is low. When is the last time you checked the level and condition of the transmission fluid?

I’m sorry, I knew I was leaving some thing out. It’s an automatic, and I have not checked the transmission fluid In a while There’s a place in Seattle called Mr Clutch and they quoted me $1200 to repair my clutch. Are they quoting a refurbished, rebuilt or a new one?

radiskull: “Are they quoting a refurbished, rebuilt or a new one?”

You would have to ask them.

With the car warmed up and in park with the engine running, check the transmission dip stick, observing the condition and level of the transmission fluid. Does it show as being full? What is the color of the fluid? Is it red and clean looking, or is it brown and dirty looking?

Let us know what you discover.

On a Honda, you check the fluid with the engine OFF, not on. There are two marks on the dipstick, one for hot and one for cold. I always check it cold, too many hot parts next to the dipstick.

If you have had the fluid changed, and someone did not use Honda fluid, it will cause it to have shift problems.

OK I have completed the check and results are : light brown in color fluid and the level is normal. I think the last time I had the fluid changed it was at les schwab or jiffys or some thing and I don’t think they used Honda Transmission fluid. I sure do appreciate all the feed back guys.

keith wrote:
I always check it cold, too many hot parts next to the dipstick.

Try putting an old sock over your hand and forearm.

radiskull, you have to get past the belief that you’re having a problem with your “clutch.” As mark9207 noted, as an automatic transmission it has lots of clutches and they are all on the inside of the transmission. In addition to the clutches there are lots of other parts inside of there & any of those can also be a problem.

I am not familiar with “Mr. Clutch” but you cannot get a proper automatic transmission repair on this car for $1200. They also couldn’t give a quote by phone because there isn’t “a” thing to repair or replace. Its more complicated than that.

Ask around among people that you know for your best, locally-owned shop that specializes in transmissions. Take it there for an evaluation.

“it was at les schwab or jiffys or some thing and I don’t think they used Honda Transmission fluid”

There’s the road to ruin…