Clutch going out

(reposted because of too general title)

I have a 98 Honda Accord with 75 thousand miles. The shifting is starting to get jerky especially if I increase my acceration. This happens from about 20 mph or faster.

The dealer tells I need a new transmission and that I shouldn’t change the fluid because “that is what is holding the transmission together.” The dealer price is $3500. Money IS a concern.

So what are my options? Is he on the up and up? Can I ignore it for a while or am I asking for trouble if I do? Is there a significantly better solution than forking out $3500? Would I be better off dumping it and getting a cheaper car with better gas milage (18 mpg now)?

Is this a Manual Transmission???

Really confused here…especailly with your other post…

Okay, now I’m confused. In replying to your other post, I assumed the car had an automatic transmission. It’s a manual? Please clarify!

Yes it as an automatic transmission. How could I have said clutch? A senior moment…maybe it is because I drove a stick shift for 40 years before this automatic.

Uh, OK, so this is an automatic with 75K miles? If you’re only getting 18 mpg, it must be slipping horribly. Did you change the fluid when you were supposed to, and do any other transmission-related service and adjustments? Your mechanic won’t know until he gets inside the transmission, but it could well be toast by now if you never maintained it. I presume that someone has checked the level of the transmission fluid and topped it off if low.

I’m always a bit leery of claims that “the old fluid is all that’s holding the transmission together”. If you may need a new transmission anyway, what’s the harm in changing the fluid and filter? And you certainly don’t need a new transmission. A rebuilt or used (junkyard) transmission should do fine on a car this age.

You definitely should change your transmission fluid. You should also check the throttle cable. Not the cable between the the gas pedal and the throttle body but the one that goes from the throttle body to the transmission. This cable must be just taunt, not under tension, but no slack either. The follower on the transmission must exactly follow the throttle. If there is any slack, the transmission will slip. This cable controls the amount of pressure applied to the clutches.

I think this transmission is one of the generation of transmissions that Honda has had problems with. They have been replacing them under a secret warrantee. Confront the dealer with this and see what he does. If he doesn’t make you an offer, call the area CSR listed in your owners manual.

The value is not much for car. if you put a used trans in adding in the cost could you get your money back selling it. as is it is worth ooooo
or $200.00 to some one that could fit them selfs. your might get a better trade in value. check blue book trade in for good trade in and
bad condition trade. if it is more with good trans fit it trade it in for a used toyata get extenened warr. it cost me $770.00 for 5 year
a good price one visit to shop could be more. and trans go out you are a head by $2500. due the math.