2006 Acura TL About to Bankrupt Me

It’s at 57000 miles, Iive in a city lots of brakes and clutch use. I sensed that crackling sound when applying the clutch. Mechanic is telling me that he needs to take the whole transmission down to check the wheel fly, which MAY need replacement and would cost me $617 extra. In any case, it will cost me $1600 to just replace clutch and bearings and take down the transmission.

Is this making sense to anyone? Please help me!? I love my Acura I don’t want to dismiss its service needs… But I can’t afford it right now!

If finances were tight you shoulda bought a Honda.
Why do people buy luxury cars they can’t afford?

Is the mechanic a dealer mechanic or an independent…$1600 for a clutch job seems awfully expensive to me.

If it’s a dealer…find a good independent…it should be a LOT cheaper.

Yup, it is.

Minimum you probably need a clutch job. Whether the surface of the flywheel need redoing is impossible to tell until he gets there. “gets there” means simply removing teh pressur eplate assembly and the clutch plate from the flywheel. It sounds to me like based on the sound it’s making he suspects that you’re “metal to metal” and may need resurfacing.

$1600 sounds high for the clutch assembly, but the $617 extra is probably right for the flywheel if its a dual mass flywheel, which it probably is. I would expect that the clutch would go for about $900 or less.

57k seems awful early for a clutch to go out though, Are you sure its the clutch and not something else. Did the mechanic conform that you need a clutch or is he just taking your word? Is the clutch slipping?

It’s quite possible to go through a clutch in far less than 57k miles seeing as how city driving is involved along with the unknown to me method of clutch use.

Since you’re talking expense are you prepared for that annoying timing belt/tensioners/water pump expense on your now 6 year old car?

Acura is a higher end car and the higher the end the pricier the repair costs. You could sell the Acura and buy a 4 Door Buick sedan with an automatic transmission.

Thank you all for your input; greatly appreciated.

@circuitsmith: I’ve owned the car for 26 months (or have financed it, rather) and I have been making payments very comfortabtly. Less than two years to go and the car will be mine :slight_smile: At the moment i’m not as fluid, and dishing out $1,600 is kind of tough for me so I guess you’re right when it comes to buying a Honda.

@MikeInNH: It’s an independant mechanic that I found through CarTalk!

@the same mountainbike: thank you so much for your feedback… it’s been most helpful.

ok4450: you’re right it is a higher end car; it’s my first Japanese car and I have been pleased so far, since August 2009. I guess I was under the impression that an Acura will require that you make the scheduled maintenance visits, and that’s it (assuming you’re not a terrible driver… which I think i’m not lol).

Thank you all again.

No car is unbreakable. The day a manufacturer comes out with a car that only needs oil changes and never breaks is the day every other car company goes out of business. Any car with a manual transmission will eventually need a clutch replacement. That said, I do think 57k is rather early. Not everyone has good clutch technique, and of those who don’t, few realize it. If you ride the clutch, or rev too high when starting, or sit on hills rolling back and forth, you’re prematurely wearing the clutch.

. I guess I was under the impression that an Acura will require that you make the scheduled maintenance visits, and that’s it (assuming you’re not a terrible driver… which I think i’m not lol).

I LOVE Japanese/American made vehicles…Been owning them for 30 years…They have been far far far more reliable then my Domestic vehicles…or my relatives Domestic vehicles…

With that said…Every car no mater who manufacturers it will need repairs now and then. A clutch is serviceable item…so don’t be surprised…Same with brakes, exhaust (although they may last a very long time) and battery. A fly-wheel is NOT something that is normal to breaking or ever need replacing. But it’s NOT unheard of. And if that’s the only problem the vehicle’s had over the past 6 years…then that’s pretty damn reliable.

The other thing…from what you’ve said you’re NOT the original owner. So you never know how the vehicle was driven before you bought it.

Anything mechanical will always break lol…