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Clunking in front end passenger side

Hi, I have a low-mid pitched chunky clunking sound/feel in the front end of my jeep. It MAY be there because I drove over a cattle guard (auto gate for some of you) and one of the iron pieces popped up and hit the under of my car. on the right front underbody. Not sure what it hit. No body damage. A few days later I felt/hear clunking. Not so much on highway. Worse at slower speeds and on more irregular surfaces, bumps in streets/gravel roads.

There is a scratch on one of the stabilizer bars where it loops down near the wheel. The one on the right will move slightly when you give it a good shake. The left one is solid.

Thoughts on that?

You shouldn’t be able to move the stabilizer bar.

More than likely that stabilizer bar end link is worn causing the noise.


Sooooooooo what year, model, and mileage are we talking about here?

I agree with Tester. But with some actual information we could probably be a lot more help. For instance, knowing the year and mileage of the vehicle would give me a better idea whether to suggest looking at all the other bushings, or whether to suggest an action based on some other clue that it gives me, or whether or not the vehicle might still be under warranty and you might be well advised to take it to the dealer to protect the warranty. Perhaps even whether the noise is more likely to be due to normal wear and age or to damage.

My 99 Camry makes the same noise and the upper strut bearing is the problem. It happens mostly on bumpy, uneven, washboard surfaces.