Clunk/Rattle front-end sound


I have an appointment to have my car looked at early next week, but wanted to get an idea of what this might be. The vehicle is a 2017 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited with 74k miles.

While driving at lower speeds over small bumps/imperfections in the road, I am getting a " clunk/rattle" sound front the front end of the vehicle. At first, I thought it was a dashboard rattle, but it’s definitely coming from the front end of the vehicle.

Anyway, my initial thoughts are a bad ball joint or tie rod. Does this sound reasonable, or do you think it is most likely something else? If you guys/gals could give me your opinions, that would be greatly appreciated.


Most likely the stabilizer end links are worned. Its very inexpensive to fix on most cars.

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+1 on that diagnosis. Pretty common thing to create this noise. The second most likely is a strut upper mount going bad… but they usually sound like a box of wooden blocks bouncing around - loose lumber noises.

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Great, thanks so much for your help guys!

Sway bar bushings, maybe.