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What's wrong with my 95' Subaru Legacy

Help me, When driving slowly 0-30mph the front (suspension I think) rattles or has a slight thud noise when on a rough surface. Thud also occurs when slow breaking. Occurs when either Left or Right or both are on rough surface. This all started a few weeks back and is getting worse. It started after I changed my Timing belt, Leaking rear gearbox seal and Pads/Rotors (I have rechecked all of this, looks good). I had my car jacked up and on jack stands for two days (To save bending over a lot, as I have a slight back problem). The springs were fully extended for all that time…

Did I damage the Strut/Shock having the springs extended all that time?

Is it the Shock?

What else could it be?

Do I have to buy entire Strut or can I get Shock inserts?

Also when turning to the Right I hear a slight clicking sound on the Left side, I assume this is the CV joint, What can I do to fix this?

Do I need a new CV joint?

Really want to keep this car going.

I like it.

As it’s a DIY it?s cheap to fix.

But don?t want to put a lot of new parts if I?m only going to drive for another 1-3 years.

Fintan Portland Oregon.

It sounds like there may be some problems with the suspension and CV joints. It may be a good idea to have a shop look it over and see what they think should be done.