Front end noise - Stabilizer link?

Posted here a few days ago wondering how to check the stabilizer links. 05 Taurus, 4 sedan, 83K miles. Have a distinct noise coming from the front passenger side when going over a bump. Just checked the following and here’s what I’ve found: Checked the ball joint - no play whatsoever, it looks good under the “pry bar” test under the control arm. Tie rod end is tight- no play at all. Strut mounts seem fine. The stabilizer link looks fine - no rust, tears, etc. But I can easily, by hand, twist it freely. However, prying up on the stabilizer bar doesn’t seem to show any play on the link itself. Should these be tight (at the joint) to the point where you need some “muscle” to turn them ?? I’m not sure what’s left to check.

Those links do normally twist easily by hand. If you have a clunk over bumps, though, the two most common culprits are stabilizer links or strut mounts. You may also want to check your coil springs. Those cars have a really bad habit of breaking coil springs, and that could cause a front end noise as well, along with some other pretty exciting things like cutting a tire. While you’re at it, check all four of those springs to make sure none of them are broken.