Clunk noise when steering but heard only from inside of the car

Hey guys, i was just wandering if anyone faced the same issue as title says. Basicly when turning the wheel more than half the circle, no matter if stationary or driving, you can hear single soft clunks every few degrees of turn. Faster you turn the weel more frequent sound becomes, i would say maybe 4 times in 1 full movement to left or right, it doesnt matter. Also car handling is the same as before and steering doesnt feel loose or anything like that. And you cant hear anything when outside of the car, absolutely anything. Thats what is making it hard to pin point an issue. Car is 2008 audi a3 8pa. electronic power steering

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Check (or just replace) the stabilizer bar end links. They are cheap.

Check the tie rod ends and ball joints for looseness.

Mustangman’s suggestions are good ones, but if the noise is clearly heard inside the car, I think that a defective steering shaft is a strong contender for the problem part.


The steering column intermediate shaft has a universal joint, this in probably binding.


Thank you all for suggestions, i will be taking it tomorrow to local mechanic for opinion also and will update you accordingly. And yes the noise is 100% inside the car only.

Hopefully he is familiar with Audis, and hopefully it is possible to lube that u-joint.
If not, then it will have to be replaced.

It seems like a steering shaft u-joint’s lube would last the life of the car. If u-joint is the problem, my guess, it is faulty and requires replacement. On the upside, better that than the steering box.