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2014 Ford Fusion - reverse after cold start

Puzzled by my 2014 Ford Fusion SE with 77000 miles. Each cold morning or cold start, if I need to first move in reverse, I get an issue. I’ll shift from Park to Reverse, and there is a 1-2 second pause before the transmission finally shifts into Reverse, along with a ‘clunk’ that was first mild, and is increasingly stronger in intensity over the past several months. If the car is warm, shifting is no problem. Where do I start? Currently I just back into my overnight spots so I shift straight into Forward each AM, absolutely no problems there.

That sounds like a transmission problem. First step is to check the trans fluid level. When my truck started acting like that, it was in for a transmission rebuild in just a few weeks. Solved the problem completely.

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If this is the all wheel drive model, also check driveshaft u-joints and CV joints as well.