Clock reset to 0:00 in 2002 Acura RL


WWV in Colorado, 10 MHz last I heard. I have one of those clocks. Sometimes it is way off, usually some number of hours, not minutes. If I don’t have time to check the battery or fiddle with resetting it, I tape a piece of paper over its face. I’ve always been able to get it back to functioning.


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You don’t need that type of clock to automatically adjust to DST. I have 4 small digital alarm clocks (about $15) that do this just by knowing the date. Between those, computers, cell phones and cable boxes that also change automatically, I only have to change the microwave and a battery operated clock.

My experience with WWV clocks was that they don’t work on New England, too far away.

I don’t see any WiFi clocks on the market, strange, as that is a source of accurate time signals as good as WWV, via NTP. It is good for a few µs.

edit: checking, there are a few wifi clocks available but they tend to be expensive and full of unwanted features.


Sorry. If I set it manually, it does not reset. Thanks.

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March 13 SandyStranahan:
It won’t reset the time.not sure what this means. Do you mean you can’t set the time manually? or that there is no manual way to set the time? or that you do set it manually and it does not reset?
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March 13It won’t reset the time. In a message dated 3/12/2018 8:51:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes: BillRussell March 13Is this a one-shot issue? If you set the time, is it good, or does it reset every day/week/month ? Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond. To unsu…
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I love your response. Thanks.

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March 13Through the years, I have found clocks in cars to be worthless. Years ago, clocks in cars were options. They were spring driven and about every two minutes there would be a clunk as the spring was rewound. These clocks were never accurate and continually pulled power from the battery. Back then, if I bought a used car that had a clock, I immediately pulled the fuse that controlled the clock.
My recommendation to the OP is to forget the clock in the car and go to the discount store and buy a little stick-on clock. These clocks cost less than $5 and come in different colors so you can find one that doesn’t clash with the interior.
Better yet, let’s get off this Daylight Savings Time nonsense. I have an old pendulum clock made before 1900 that I inherited from my grandmother. Every year when I advance it to Daylight Savings Time, the striker drops behind an hour. When the hands indicate 6:00, it will strike 5:00. It takes two or three adjustments each year when we go on Daylight Savings Time. I have had a couple clock repairman look at the clock and they can’t explain why it happens. My theory is that my grandmother did not like FDR who put the nation on Daylight Savings Time during WW II, so she is coming communicating her dislike of DST through the clock. However, I would rather have my mantel clock controlled by my long departed grandmother than my vehicle’s clock controlled by some distant satellite.
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