Clikcing noise in 2 spots

Drove my jeep liberty 2005 home didnt roll up windows all the way was getting out go in the house to get the kids and back out to the store. when i got back to the car put key in and tried to turn on and there was some clicking and flashing from instrument panel then nothing. the remote key didn’t work, only one of the dome lights would flash on and from the back of the car there was a clicking noise. i got out and walked around it sounded like the rear hatch was ‘trying’ to lock itself there was a clicking noise that wouldn’t stop.

so i tried Fuse plugs on the inside of the car on the drivers side, i pulled all of them out until i found the one that made the clicking stop(#34). i left it out for a good 10 minutes went inside to clam down and find some food for myself. ate dinner waited for sisters husband to come over to help me out. he knows a bit more about cars then me but only a bit. we removed the negative from the battery so it can hopefully reboot and stop the clicking. (that started back up the moment we put the fuse back in) we got his car set up to ‘jump’ mine. when we hoked them up the lights came on and the door in the back actually ‘locked’ but no matter how hard we revved his engine (we also left it idling for 20 min) it never seamed to give enough to ‘turn over’ my engine. Also when we tried to turn the key it would make a rather loud clicking noise that seamed to come from the fuse box area. when we unpluged from his car and had the fuse back in place after about 2-3 min the clicking from the back started up again like it was trying to ‘lock itself’ again. finally after 2 hours of trying things (now 11:30 at night with a flashlight only) we finally stopped messing around and came inside. (also left the fuse plug ‘ut’ so taht it would stop thinking it needs to ‘lock’ that back hatch.

its weird i have had a few cars that the battery died after leaving a light on or alternators die because its old and the car acually just wound down and died on the side of the road. but this never gave me any kind of warning. the jeep always started up fine and it was only 2-3 min from turning off to trying to start taht it F-ed up :frowning:

its got under 70K miles we have had it for 2 years and 33K of those miles and never had more then a regular tune up needed on it. someone please just tell me it needs a new battery not a $900 fix

thank you sorry if this story runs funny im typing it late with a sleeping 2 year old on lap

The Power Distribution wiring diagrams shows two branches from fuse #34. The first branch goes to the Body Control Module (BCM). The second branch goes to: instrument cluster; left and right courtesy lights; vanity lighys; map light; siren; radio; dome light; cargo light; compass; and the hands free module.
The BCM may power the rear hatch latch/lock. The BCM would have it’s own wiring diagram.
Look at the wiring bundle, at the rear hatch, which goes to the lock/latch. Examine the wiring bundle for broken, or frayed, wires; especially where the wire bundle flexes when the hatch is opened or closed.

My money is on a bad cell in your Battery. Go to a shop that can do a load test on your battery. If the battery checks out okay, check the alternator. If that’s fine too I would suspect a blown BCM. Let us know how you get on.

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