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Unexplained alarms(alerts) on 2008 Jeep Liberty


I hope someone out there can help me solve this annoying issue on my 2008 Jeep.

About a year after I bought my Jeep I was driving down the road about 55 mph.

The alert alarm sounded 1 time; ?ding?. I looked at all of the systems checks, dash monitors and found nothing. Over the next week, the Jeep would make the 1 ding alert, but not at any particular time. I could be just starting the Jeep; might be moving down the highway, might be turning into a parking place, never 2 times consistently.

I took my Jeep to the dealer and they said that there was a manufacturer?s bulletin about ?erroneous alerts? and they would check it. They said they reset all of my modules according to the bulletin, and everything should be fine.

About a week later I was turning into a parking space and heard the same ?ding?. Nothing showed on the system. I took the Jeep back to the dealer and they could find nothing. Nothing shows on the computer log. Over the next few weeks the Jeep ?dinged? several more times.

I took my Jeep into the dealer for service and told him the problem was still there. They went over the Jeep again with a fine toothcomb and couldn?t find any problems or something recorded on the computer.

The dealer said that until my Jeep does the ?dinging? more often they would never be able to fine it.

My Jeep runs great. I love my Jeep and respect my dealer and his mechanics.

It?s just aggravating to hear the ?ding? every so often.

Anybody got any thoughts?

Disconnect the “dinger.”

You MAY have a door ajar light switch corroded or just dirty enough to activate the warning ding but not bad enough to activate a message or warning light on the dash.

Here`s a cheap diagnostic: Take a spray can of electrical contact cleaner and spray ALL the Interior courtesy light plungers. Those small rubber booted switch covered ones that the doors and hatches close against. (just pull the boot back a little)

Sometimes a door striker plate will move out of adjustment and when the door latches closed, it isn`t tight enough to shut off the switch.

A vehicle with misaligned latches can set off the door ajar warnings when the vehicle body twists during turning maneuvers.

It’s probably communication bus errors, and if they aren’t being logged, the problem will be very hard to find. Ask if they have any sort of in-flight recorder equipment that they could put on the jeep for a few days while you drive around.