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Jeep Liberty "Clunk"

I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty, which is making a rhythmic clunk (Click and Clack’s not oft referred to cousin) on every wheel rotation, when veering to the left. Going straight there is no noise, right, no noise, and oversteering left also makes the noise go away. Braking also makes the noise go away. Mechanic said they could not determine why it was doing this. It’s not real loud, but noticeable at any speed, particularly prevalent at about 30 mph. Clunk noise happens once per tire rotation. I’ve seen similar threads here, but nothing “exactly” like this. Don’t know how to duplicate the weight/momentum/centrifugal forces with the car stationary. Any guesses?

I’d guess an inner CV joint. Clunking is their typical way of sayng they’re wearing out. Outer CV joints usually click.

The reason inner CV joints thunk and outer CV joints click is that their design and their purpose are different.

Inner CV joints are designed as “posts” with bearings on them, slid into a shell with three large slots. That allows the inner portion to slide in and out of the outer portion, allowing the axle to effectively change lengths as the suspension and steering move through their ranges of motion. The inner joints do not allow a large amount of articulation. What can happen with the inner joints is that the inner portion can wear a path into the outer housing, and then when you turn and the inner assembly moves axially out of the path, it can be noisy.

The outer joint is like a ball joint with slots that enclose bearings. The bearings keep the inner and outer portions form turning relative to one another, but allow a large amount of articulation for turning. Outer joints tend to wear out the bearings, the tracks they roll in, and the races that hold the bearings in. They clatter as the bearings move around loosely.

Understand that I’m offering a possibility to look at, not an absolute diagnosis. Otheres here may have some other ideas.

Thanks! I’ll float the idea by my regular (and very trusted) mechanic and see who salutes!