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Clicking sound coming from drivers side of car

Hello everyone, first post here. I have a 2019 acute with about 9k miles on it, recently went for damage from a collision on the front end with some repairs to the grill, front bumper, and the emblem.

I was driving today and noticed a clicking sound that increases in frequency coming from the drivers side of the vehicle. I checked all the bolts that hold the wheel onto the car and they seem to be taught.

How do I go about diagnosing the problem? Is the car safe to drive?

Thanks for your time.

Take it to your Acura dealer as it is still under warranty. They may direct you back to the collision repair shop to fix the damage that is making the clicking.


Tough situation, I might start with the repair shop as any additional findings of damage can be processed through the insurance company more easily. They may send it out for analysis.

Check the tires for screws and bolts, they can make a clicking sound as they strike the pavement.

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