Clicking sound behind dash?

Recently purchased a used 2006 Chevy cobalt, seems like an alright car so far. But lately when I turn on the car and also sometimes when I switch the heat on there is a clicking sound behind the dash on the passengers side that lasts less then 10 seconds. Is it safe to drive on? Or am I causing some great internal damage by just living with the noise instead of repairing it asap (bc tight on cash rn)?

Offhand and on a wild guess, I might suspect there’s a problem with the blend door motor/actuator.
Knowing almost nothing about Cobalts, I’m not certain how they lay their heat/AC system out so the comment is general based on common useage in most cars.

Plus 1 for a blend door motor. Safe to drive but will need to get replaced.

The next time this happens, turn off the heater fan to see if the clicking stops. The blower motor on my 2010 Cobalt makes a clicking sound on the low speed position occasionally. It comes and goes, but has only been an annoyance. Google “cobalt heater blower noise”, it seems be a common problem with Cobalts.

Ed B.