Clicking noise near the rear end on my 2004 CTS-V

So I got my 2004 CTS-V a couple months ago I know the rear end is sensitive so I’ve been babying it. Recently I’ll take off from the start in 1st and hear some clicking. I don’t take off hard knowing it’s sensitive so I’ll ease off the clutch and click click and then no problem. My question is what do y’all think might be the issue? I’m looking for a medium grade fix not looking to dump the bank on that.

Aren’t we all looking for a less expensive fix to any problem? It really isn’t up to us, now is it?

Check for exhaust leaks near the rear. Leaks can sound like clicking and is worse under power.

While you are under there, check the front differential bushing. The sound is more of a clunk than a click but if it is starting to fail, might be the issue.

Strongly suggest joining a CTS-V specialty forum for this rather unique car. Especially when you need to replace one of those weird 6 bolt wheels from a pothole or curb strike!

Could you explain that statement .

Can you post a sound clip?

I can… I had a friend that owned one of these and he took it to track days. And he broke it… more than once.

The differential case, under hard use, can flex, spread and blow apart. The mountings can fail - bushings or the casting spots that hold the bushings. The 5.7 L Corvette V8 in the car overpowers the diff a bit, especially when large, sticky tires are installed.