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Clunk in the rear

2000 camaro, v6 auto, 103000 miles, 2 years ago car started making a roaring noise in the rear. the faster i go the louder it gets. if i let off the gas it almost goes away. at high speed over 90 the rear vibrates. noticed today that if i push on rear fender there is a clunking noise coming from rear wheel. checked lug nuts and they are tight. any idea? is it unsafe to drive?

You may have a rear wheel beaing going out or something wrong in the rear diff. Pull the cover off the rear diff and check the gear oil for condition and metal contamination. If that checks out then pull C-clips off the axles inside the diff and pull the axles for a bad bearing.


Keep a video camera going as you drive. B/c when your wheel bearing goes at 90mph I want some footage.

Your car may have multiple problems and there’s no way for any of us to be real specific without having hands-on the car.

Roaring could be a wheel bearing but I would be inclined to think that it’s related to the differential. (pinion bearings, carrier bearings, etc.)
Clunking while pushing on the rear fender could be a shock absorber, axle pad, panhard bar, etc, etc.
Vibration could be a rear axle problem or even a tire balance issue.

If 90 MPH+ and snappy acceleration is your thing it may be time to address a number of issues. Got the 6 banger wound out a bit, huh?

I absolutely agree with OK4450. This needs a hands-on look-see.

It’s very possible that your roaring is an exhaust leak, your clunking is a sway bar bushing, and the shaking over 90 is very likely the balance perhaps compounded by irregular wear.

But it’s also possible that you have a wheel ready to depart the car. This needs to be looked into.