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67 Mustang clicking from rear end

I have a 1967 Mustang and after about 5 minutes of driving the drivers side rear wheel starts clicking. It sounds like it clicks with the revolution of the wheel but I can not find where it is coming from. I have taken the drum off and changed the brakes, checked for any loose linkages, and even rebuilt the differential but nothing seems to help. As I said, it does not start clicking until after a few minutes of driving so I am not sure what is going on. Any help is appreciated? Thank you.

Can you see any “wittness” marks? (shiny places where things could be dragging) can you duplicate by turning by hand? Get a passenger to ride with you and see if you can narrow this down. Rebuilt the diff. what pushed you that direction?

Did you check the wheel bearings when you rebuilt the diff ? You could have a marginal wheel bearing that’s worn enough to wind up as it gets hot. It could also be a drive shaft UJ, you might think it’s coming from that side of the car since your sitting there while driving, get someone else to drive while you listen from the passenger side or rear seat.

I agree with Scudder. Wheel bearing or universal joint.

I do not see any wittness marks and it only seems to make the noise when I am driving. I tried to spin the tires while the car was on jacks but I can not hear the noise. I will try and get someone else to drive it and listen from the other side.

You know, one other piece of info about the problem is that it only makes the sound when there is a light load on it. That is when I am only giving it a little gas or coasing. Under heavy acceleration, it does not click. However, I may not be able to hear it over the engine.

I did check the bearings and did not find any problems. I am inclined to think it is coming from somewhere inside the diff because it takes some time before it starts and therefore I think the gear oil is becoming less viscous with the increased heat.

Do you have hubcaps. Sometimes they can click as the wheel rotates and flexes. Easy to check, at least! If not, see the other suggestions. Also, oil thins with heat, not becomes more viscous. Are the wear marks on he ring gear uniform?