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Clicking Noise in 08 Pontiac G6

Hey everyone, I’m not a big car enthusiast but I thought you’d be able to help figure out what’s going on.

My G6 is in great condition, except that starting a few or two ago a relatively loud clicking noise (one or two clicks per second) from behind the glove compartment started up once I turn on the engine. The weird thing I’ve noticed is when and how often it happens. 25% of the time it doesn’t click at all when you start it. No matter what, if you drive at least 30 minutes it’ll stop. And finally, the clicking only happens when the defroster is on; if you turn on normal heat and press the air recirculator, it stops immediately. Any hints? Thanks for your help.

It is your air vent motor getting stuck/trying to work, open. It should be behind the glove compartment. I have changed one on a Mitsubishi and it wasn’t that difficult but I am not familiar with your set-up. Just google it or look on car specific forums/also look at the Chevy version of your car.

I’d Look At The Air Conditioner Compressor And Compressor Clutch, Air Conditioner Components, Serpentine Belt And Pulleys.

When in defrost mode the air conditioner clutch engages and the air conditioner runs.

The gears are stripped in the recirc. door actuator. It is noisy in the fresh air setting but quiet when recirculate is selected. You can switch from fresh to recirculate on any setting except defrost, that is always fresh.

BTW when the HVAC system is set for “heat” you should select fresh air to flush the moisture from the cabin.