Click and click she won't start

93 Lexus SC300, I try to start the car and all I get is a click, if I keep trying it will eventually turn over. I’m afraid one of these times it won’t start at all. I’m quite sure it isn’t the battery. I have an online repair manual. Any idea what I should do to diagnose the problem?

If it does start after several attempts it’s NOT the battery…however…it could be the battery connections. Remove the cables and clean the cables and the battery posts and reconnect. If still having a problem it’s either the starter or possibly the ignition switch.

If the cleaning of the cables doesnt work…Replace the starter ASAP.

I wouldn’t JUMP to replacing the starter right away. Could be the starter…or ignition switch…or even a loose connection someplace.

I have had the same battery problems with my previous 1997 SC 400 and in my current 1999 SC 400. The problem is most likely not with your battery or the alternator.

I have found by replacing the factory cable connectors to the battery with Marine type LEAD connectors that are painted, except for the areas in contact with the battery post and cables will correct the problem!

I discovered after numerous dead battery situations in both cars that the alternator was putting out the required 14.2 V (the nominal value), but the battery was not charging. Therefore the only problem could be that the charge was not getting to the battery. I replaced the connectors with new factory connectors that were flimsy aluminum. This did not solve the problem.

I finally got a good conduction current into the battery after replacing the battery connectors with plain old lead type connectors that can be purchased at any pep boys for less than five bucks.

I have since utilized the Marine connectors in my 1999 SC 400, because they are painted on any surface other than connection to the cables and the battery terminal to prevent shorts.

Hopefully this will help correct your problem as well.

PS: my brother who is a certified mechanic actually uses spray paint or grease on the battery post after tightening the connection in order to prevent oxidation of the connection.