1998 Lexus es300 - won't start!

I have a 1998 Lexus ES300 with 120k miles. This morning the car won’t start. The lights seem bright and there is no clicking sound and it barely turns over. I think its the starter that went bad. I have been noticing that the car was taking longer to start, by that I mean increasing number of cranks to start over the past few weeks.

Could it be the battery?

How old is the battery? The battery is more likely to be the problem than the starter.

Yes, it could be the battery. Do you have a way to charge the battery or jump start the car?

I suggest having the battery and the charging system tested. Many auto parts stores will do this free.

I’d bet on the battery before the starter.

After you check the battery and rule it out there is a known problem with denso starters that I believe the es300 has. The contacts in the solenoid wear out. New contacts are easy to find for under $20, but you have to get them installed.

It was the starter. Replaced it and all seems to be o.k.