Click and Clack's Puzzler Wish List

Hi Guys,

Last weekend, I had a funny idea to create an wish list of Click and Clack’s puzzler products (show #1421 - ripe melon // show #1420 - 54 cm Trek Road Bike).

Here’s a link to the start of the publicly viewable wish list:

Aside from being a funny experiment, I thought this could be a unique way for us, the community of listeners, to donate to Car Talk / NPR via the “Amazon Associates” program.

Amazon’s “Associates” program would pay those laughable bozos ~10% advertising fees if any of us buy their puzzler junk for own use.

I will continue to update the wish list each weekend with the most current product. I hope to be able to gain access to Car Talk’s show archive and begin adding past puzzler products.

Community — let me know what you think of this idea.
Is it interesting, or am I a bozo too?
Lastly, if any of you have experience using Amazon’s Associates program, I’d be thankful if you could share how it works.

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It’s an interesting idea, but now might not be the best time to get in bed with Amazon. They’re being pilloried in the press for shady business practices, exploiting workers, and losing focus on customer service.

Keep in mind that already does business with Amazon by pushing their products in their news stories:

Here is another piece by technology and business writer Farhad Manjoo:

@whitey Thanks for the feedback. You’ve brought up a good concern.

I’ll continue to add items to the wish list, and will begin considering other formats/mediums for this puzzler product project (ex. tumbler, ebay, etsy, etc.).
[Community – feel free to suggest ideas.]

on a side note: I just discovered a funny aspect to this project - Can these chumps stump amazon?

Show #1422’s product was a “$21 Bill”, or “21 Dollar Bill”. I didn’t think amazon would have it, but lo and behold, they did!