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Fuel return line leaking

I have a 1989 Ford mustang 4 cylinder. The return line tofuel tank is leaking. I am wondering if I need to treat the return line as a “high Pressure line” or if I can repair with regular rubber fuel line and hose clamps.

The return line is not high pressure, but I would use fuel injection hose like it is.

I have to replace a section of the steel line. I was going to use rubber ( couple inches ) to connect the new to old. Does that have to be special hose?

Fuel injection-rated fuel hose is a little bit more than regular fuel hose, but I’d feel safer using the fuel injection-rated hose for this repair. The difference in cost for a foot of regular vs. fuel injection-rated is too little to sweat over. Also, I’d also put a small taper on the ends of the steel line where the repair section will go, just for added insurance. High pressure fuel is nothing to short-change yourself over.

You can use regular fuel line hose. Regular fuel line hose is rated at 300 PSI MAX. And I know the fuel pressure in your vehicle is nowhere near that.