Cleaning Fule injectors on 5.3L GM

I have been told that I need to clean my fuel injectors at Jiffy Lube while on the road. My fuel mileage has gone down from what it was by 3 mpg. Jiffy Lube performed the task by removing the vacuum line to the Brake Master Cylinder and plugging in a can of injector cleaner. Starting the engine and releasing the injector cleaner. Did this really clean my injectors it seems rather topical? Is this the recommended method of cleaning injectors on the GM 5.3L engine?

What Jiffy Lube did didn’t clean the fuel injectors. All it did was clean the intake valves of any deposits. To clean the fuel injectors the cleaner has to pass thru the fuel injectors. This is done by either adding the cleaner to the fuel tank, or connecting to the fuel rail Schrader valve with a canister filled with the cleaner so it can pass thru the injectors.


Thank you very much. It looks like the best method of tackling this issue going forward is to install a fuel filter just before the Schrader valve so that I have a location in the future to A. perform fuel cleaning through a filter which is not present at all and provide a port through which I can clean the injectors. I am not too crazy about the option of just putting in a can of fuel injector cleaner in the tank every so often. I am not sure If I needed my valves cleaned and appreciate your information. Thanks George

You DO NOT want to cut into the fuel line. There’s a tool that connects to the Schrader valve for cleaning injectors, but it’s not cheap!

Your vehicle does have a fuel filter. It’s located under the vehicle. Either on the frame rail or back at the fuel tank.


I have been told that I need to clean my fuel injectors at Jiffy Lube

Never ever intentionally take your car to any fast lube place, not even to get directions.

Sorry we could not warn you before.