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Clean jets

My 1994, would it run Better​ if I got the throttle body Jets cleaned and spark plugs and wires replaced

That depends on whether your fuel injectors need cleaning or your plugs and wires need replacing. The plugs have a mileage replacement recommendation in your owners manual , the fuel injectorcleaning and plug wires would be as needed. You could try a bottle of fuel injection cleaner in the gas tank.

Is there a problem?

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When it’s cold out and I first start it it feels like it’s misfiring.

If it hasn’t already been done recently, a general tune-up would be where to start. I’m presuming this has a conventional distributor with electronic ignition. So replace the plugs, spark plug wires, dizzy cap, ignition rotor, and engine air filter. Might want to add in a new fuel filter, make a clean go of it. Good idea above to run a can of aftermarket fuel injector clean through too.