Cleaning windows inside

I have been the last few years using newspapers and vinegar water for the interior of windows, but have read a recommendation for alcohol and rags. Any opinions?

Windex works for me


I don’t like the smell of vinegar… so spray foam type window cleaners or liquid spray type depending on where I am and how bad the windows are.

Sometime windows get such a film - inside OR outside - that Bon Ami scouring powder (or any non-scratching scouring powder) on a damp paper towel to clean and a damp microfiber to remove the scouring powder film. Finished by foam or spray cleaner.

I use Invisible Glass as my regular window cleaner, but then I use a paper towel very lightly moistened with alcohol to remove any streaks from that.

If windows are bad enough I use these and windex , non scratching, and work great for bugs on the outside.

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The main thing is removing a thin foggy looking film from outgassing.
Using paper towels makes it much worse.

Then you install a dash cover that prevents the fog from forming on the windshield from out-gassing.

Because the fogging will get worse as the dash ages from the sun.


I use Armor All Glass cleaner. And Bounty paper towels. Here’s a hint; No air freshners.

I just crumple up a piece of newspaper and scrub the inside of the glass, hard, and it works well. Do it dry.

I used to use Parson’s Sudsing Ammonia with paper towels and it worked well. try to have both doors open or it could gag you. I forgot ONCE.

I use microfiber cloths and heavy pressure to remove outgassed products from the inside of the windshield. Isopropyl alcohol doesn’t work well unless you press it on the surface for an extended time. Simple Green should work as well or better than anything else. It is the most effective generally available solvent I’ve found. Dilute it according to directions. If you use it straight, it will take forever to get it off with wet towels.

somebody mentioned “Invisible Glass” on this forum and I bought a bottle few months ago to try it

it worked much better than any windex or alcohol I used before, so sticking to it

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I use Invisible Glass and crumpled newspaper too. You have to be careful not to use too much Invisible Glass, though. Just my experience.

I’ve had good luck with the Invisible Glass (Stoner’s) Reach and Clean tool. It’s basically a microfiber on a stick sort of thing. Works very well. Much easier than trying to do it by hand.

What is this “newspaper” you all refer to??

Where would one find some?


Not so easy to find anymore. It has been years since I susbscribed to a newspaper.


I find one in my yard every morning, and I read it too.

This is my preferred product for glass cleaning:

I wait until I get a REALLY good coupon from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and then I buy my next supply of this product.

second the microfiber cloth with plain water. I’ve also used windex and paper towels and windex; a lot of times it would take 2 passes to get the window totally clean, though.