"classic cartalk" and "new and improved cartalk"

i think NPR should go back to back with these shows on Saturday morning.

“eric the carguy” and the guy from “bleepin jeep” would be great hosts, i think. you can find them both on you tube.

It’d be interesting to hear how Eric and Bleepin’ would feel about this.

Jay Leno might be interested.

if leno took over I would lose interest…

…and the improved part is just for humor, you can t improve on perfection…

I think Ray and Jay would make a good team.

I doubt NPR would try to create a talk show, they’d be much more likely to take an existing one and adopt it, I’d think. If they were interested…

It’s hard to manufacture the relationship between Tom and Ray. I know lots of people, including my wife, who new little about cars in general who loved the show. It was a comedy show first, built around automobiles as a subject starter for most people. That you actually learned anything was good for those like us who were interested, but I feel we were the minority of the listeners. I would like to hear Jay do one show with Ray, like that as a special as a tribute to his brother…but that’s it.