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Trouble Shifting Into Gear (Automatic)

I have a 2001 Honda Civic with automatic transmission. Often when I start it up after it’s been sitting awhile it starts okay, then has trouble shifting into the next gear. Typically I’m driving very slowly for the first minute or so as I have to drive out of a parking lot. The car almost stalls and then after pumping the gas pedal a bit, it’ll shift into gear and then all is okay. I had this problem at the end of last winter and then it went away as the weather got warmer and now it’s coming back again. Any insights would be great! Thanks.

How many miles and has the transmission fluid been changed in the last 7 years?

Is the service engine light on? This could indicate a vacuum leak or incorrect speed signal or something, which could cause the shifting to be confused.

the car has 108,000 miles and I take the car in for regular maintenance, so I’m assuming the transmission fluid has been changed at some point

thanks. the service engine light isn’t on, so whatever is going on isn’t “bad enough” for the system to recognize a problem.