Civic si 2009 8th gen small knock/ping noise

Please help me diagnose. I ran this 8th gen civic si k20z3 mistakenly with little to no oil in it, no engine light or codes popped up.
The oil level showed at the tip end of dipstick but barely. I drove it hard and hit vtec everyday for 2 weeks before i checked my oil again.
But now its making this sound after a long ride. No power loss in the high end RPMs, little power loss low end
What do you think it is? Timing chain/Vtc, crank shaft bearing, bent valves?

You can hear the video:

Thanks so much for reading, any information is helpful.

@cdaquila Carolyn , I am suspicious by nature but I am not going to click on a video that has a tag line about $20 paypal reward on it . Your call .

I made a youtube video with that title because i was getting no views and needed help desperately. If youve got nothing positive to say all good, dont bring negativity here thanks.

I listened to it. It sounds expensive. Maybe the bottom has survived, but it sounds as the top has suffered severe damage. A complete check of the engine is needed. Compression, oil pressure and so on.

That says it all. barely any oil so you take it out and run it hard for 2 weeks. You deserve whatever you get.

Asterix , let us know if you receive 20.00 .

I changed oil 1 month prior and oil was perfect. After driving hard, then it showed low oil level low and i topped off right away. What do you think i should do, is it worth repairing or should i just get another motor?

The sound is not that loud and you cant hear it when hood is closed, only when you go close and the hood is open.
Should i keep driving to work and back like this (15 miles a day)?
I drove like this for 1 month with this noise, no problem yet.

You have a 10 year old vehicle (with an unknown number of miles). The longest I would go between checking the oil is 2 weeks…especially since you’re “driving it hard”.

Get the tests done that @asterix mentioned above…you need more information