2008 Honda Civic trouble starting

So I recently purchased a 2008 Honda Civic. Nothing was wrong with the car, I purchased it preowned. Now the car is starting to have trouble starting up, its not to to bad but it is a bit concerning. Someone recently checked it and told me it had no Engine oil. What recommendations for engine oiled what else to do. Please and thank you.

None? At all? If there was a bright red light glowing on the instrument panel and you were driving it, you have destroyed the engine in this car. Time to find another engine or car.

If the oil is low, look in your owners manual and find out what type and grade of engine oil to use and how to check the level and add oil. If you have no owners manual, have someone knowledgeable show you these things. Add oil until it hits the full mark on the stick and restart the car and see if it runs without noises. Clatters, thuds, rattles, ect. If it doesn’t make noises, you might be OK. If it makes noises, you need a new engine.

Hey, we didn’t see hardly any engine oil. I just checked the car manual and it showed me how to get my engine oil. It currently says its at 40%. Im going to buy some just to be safe. Only thing I am wondering now is when I am starting up the car for the first time in the morning typically or after a while of no use, the car rattles a bit to start. It try harder to start compared to starting up after that. Any reason you may think. Thank you by the way!

So . . . “hardly any engine oil” probably means no oil showing on the dipstick, correct?

That’s not an indication of the engine oil level. That is the oil life monitor, meaning your oil has 40% left, so to speak. When it’s 0% it’s due for an oil and filter change.

Your owner’s manual should tell you what viscosity oil you need. The oil filler cap might, as well, if it’s the original cap. Aftermarket caps usually don’t say.

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Sorry. I was meaning to say transmission oil. I checked it and it is semi black so I’m gunna be changing it. Only concern now is in the morning typically when it rattles a bit more to start. Besides hat the rest of the day it is good. Thanks

If you’re doing this yourself (drain and refill), plan on doing it once/week until the fluid is bright red and clear. Also, change the oil…noise might be valve clatter or piston slap.