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Civic Power Steering Grumble

In recent months there is a new noise in my 97 Civic (75,000 miles). In any hard turn and particularly on U-turns there is a grumbling sound which seems to come from the front end. The noise doesn’t happen on gentle turns. It grumbles a bit on 90 degree turns and wholeheartedly grumbles on U-turns. I checked the power steering resevoir and it is full so it is between the lines. Any idea what I need to address or fix?

“wholeheartedly grumbles on U-turns.”

Sounds like you may have a bad front wheel bearing

If one is bad, you might want to consider having both sides done. It’s not far behind

Any chance this grumble could actually be a groan noise which is being caused by aged and hardened rubber sway bar bushings?

You might try pushing down repeatedly and firmly on top of the front fenders and note if you can hear any noise. If you do hear a creak or groan then sway bar bushings are a possibility.
If so, maybe this noise is being exacerbated even more with the weight of the car while moving.