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Civic 2000 trans shift issue after rebuild

Have a previous discussion about my trans issue:

Then decide to have a rebuild and still have shift issue between 20 mph and 40 mph. Engine rev high about 2500 when it accelerates from below 20 to below 40. the rpm stays about 2000 and does not come down even the gas pedal is not pressed. if pressing the gas hard, the rpm rev high around 2500 until I feel the shift and rmp drops to about 1500. I guess that rpm should be right with speed below 40 mph. even that, the car does not move that crispy. feel like stuck there like glue.

Speed over 40 mph feels reasonable.

Need to open up the shift cable cover to see if the TC has been replaced by mechanic or not.

Isn’t there a warranty? Have a mechanic at the shop test drive it.

it does have a warranty. the shop may claim it is normal to avoid liability

The transmission might not be shifting at the speeds or engine loads it should be. The inputs it uses are things like vehicle speed, engine rpm, intake manifold vacuum, coolant temperature, and various others. So maybe one ormore of them aren’t getting transmitted to the transmission. There’s not chance of it shifting correctly if it isn’t getting the correct inputs.

Another possibility, the inputs are good but there’s an electro-mechanical selenoid actuator that isn’t working. In many cases those can just be unbolted from the transmission and bench tested without needing to disassemble or remove the transmission.

btw, what is the normal rpm range for the shift around 20 (2nd to 3rd) and 40 (3rd to 4th)? 2500-3000?



I think @GeorgeSanJose is on to something. Google Technical Service Bulletins pertaining to some of the old 1999 - 2000 Civics relating to shifting and solenoids. I did this a while back.

There could be some components that weren’t replaced during the rebuild. I’d hate to think that it didn’t even need a rebuild :neutral:


If they don’t want to test drive (new one to me) then have the mechanic ride with you while you demonstrate the problem.

@GeorgeSanJose: both lockup and shift solenoid have been replaced new before the rebuild. the linear solenoid has been tested with right resistence and click sound with valve movement. will try to open up see if the gasket is torn or not. will re-test the linear solenoid as well.

@circuitsmith: I can get the mechanic ride with me and he may say it is normal. last time when the engine light is one and he also said it is normal until it is determined that the bore plug on shift valve is backwards and cause pressue leak to trigger the CEL.

Sounds like you need a better mechanic.