Citroen 2CV

Citroen 2CV 1986 10,000 Mi. 602cc engine

This car is hard to start in cold weather. At 60+ F it starts easily and runs well

At 50F starts slowly and requires numerous tries.

At 40F Starting is very difficult and almost impossible.

At 30F it will not start.

Compression is 140 psi in both cylinders

Fuel supply is good

Converted to Solid state ignition-- timing is right on, wiring is good – no electrical leakage, halos or arching when viewed in the dark. New plugs – good spark visible when the plug is held grounded to the engine.

Carb. 26-35 Solex overhauled and rebuilt - choke functioning properly

Cranks well

The question is — Why doesn’t this car start well in cold weather?

Any one out there have any experience with these cars?

Sounds like you need some very particular advice. I found this when I googled 'citroen 2cv forum’

Edit-that one’s pretty weak, here’s an owner’s club that looks good.

Knowing nothing about 2CVs, I’d guess it was carburation. One way to check - buy a spray can of ‘starter fluid’. When it’s 40F or lower, while cranking it over spray some starter fluid into the carb inlet. If it starts or tries to start, it’s not getting the enough fuel, something wrong with the carb. If no effect, may be ignition.

Citroen did a lot of unusual cars. Could this car be a 2 cycle engine or a diesel engine?

With the Solex carb, it’s a gasser. Most used a 4-stroke air cooled opposed twin, should be 602cc.